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When I was a kid, my dad started his own business. He was unhappy with the quality of service he was receiving from a local company so he decided to be their competition. Using the old success theory "find a need and fill it" he figured that if he wasn't happy with the local service, other people probably weren't either. Forty plus years later his business is still thriving and the competition is long gone.

I had a similar experience. Years ago I called a repair company out to fix my washer. After a diagnostic check the "technician" said he had no idea what was wrong and handed us a bill for $75!!

Find a need and fill it heh? That's what started my new adventure. After some training and hands on work and investment in parts/tools, I was ready to provide honest, trustworthy, good service to those who need it. Well that was a few years is great!!

My name is Alan Forrest and as locals in the area, my wife Jennifer and I have put four kids through the Forsyth School District. We love our hometown area and especially the many folks we have come to know as friends.
I know....sounds like I'm running for office. Ok, one last thing. Calling someone from out of town to fix your appliances is a bad idea. We're right here! We won't be charging you for an hour drive. We have almost no overhead. And unlike the big guys from out of town, we have to face you on the streets and in the stores.
We'll do the best we can for a fair price.


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