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Common Reasons for a Dishwasher Service Call

Water leaks are one of the most common reasons for a service call and rightfully so. No one wants to ruin a kitchen floor with a leaking dishwasher. Leaks on a dishwasher can happen for all kinds of reasons. From the moment water enters the inlet valve and into the dishwasher the entire process is all about water. Spraying it on, draining it out and drying it off. During this process water passes through the lines, valves, spray arms, against the interior walls and door and out the pump giving plenty of places for a leak to develop.

Unusual noises can normally be identified as electrical, mechanical or water. Check carefully for anything lose in the interior that may rattle around when under pressure from the spray arms. Take the racks out, do you still hear the noise? Determine which cycle the noises occur in and call for service.

Fill and Drain problems don't necessarily mean major trouble. Water pressure alone is usually what fills the machine with only an automatic valve to open and close at the proper times. A pump removes the water and often includes a small grinding blade to shred debris like a disposal before pumping it out with the water.

Dishes aren't coming clean. If you're like me, you don't like the idea of washing your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Ideally that isn't required, but when a machine is not operating up to par, that's what you find yourself doing. The breakdown for cleaning dishes in the dishwasher is basically this: Water goes in and usually gets warmed by a heating element to aid cleaning (possible problem). Dishes are rinsed before, during and after the addition of soap by rotating spray arms the blast the dishes with water. That is if the spray arms are not clogged and are rotating freely and are getting enough pressurized water to do some good. After the last rinse of clean water they are usually dried by the same heating element that heated the water for cleaning.


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