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Common Reasons for an Oven Service Call

Electric oven not heating properly, whether in broil or bake. Or maybe your stovetop isn't heating either. If one area isn't heating and the others are, you may have a heating element that has gone bad. Either that or the receptacle for the element. If more than one area isn't heating, your problem is not as simple. Make sure the circuit breaker to your oven is not tripped. With digital controls on many new electrics, sometimes the control itself is to blame.

Self cleaning doesn't work. This can be pretty complex. There are safety controls at work here that can stop the cleaning action if they fail. Call for service and get it fixed right the first time.

Gas oven won't light. Most gas ovens today have electronic ignitors that replace the pilot light. Pilot lights are still out there too. Safety features prevent gas frp,flowing out of the valve if there is nothing to light it. If the ignitor is bad or has a bad connection or the pilot light won't stay lit, call for service to resolve this problem.

Error code on digital display will tell you something IF you have the keys to the codes. Someimes they are supplied in the owners manual. Often this is only a partial list. Other times they are either located inside the oven control area or not supplied at all. Call for service if you have codes you don't understand or that are not covered in your manual.



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