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Common Reasons for a Refrigerator Service Call

Refrigerator too warm is one of the most frequent calls and most owners are sure they are low on freon or refrigerant. This is very rarely the case. The sealed refrigeration system is quite durable and efficient. Usually this is an airflow problem. There are several possibilities for the problem that include fans that are out, airways iced over or obstructions to the air flow vents. There is also the possibility that the compressor is simply not starting. The compressor may be fine, but needs some attention.

Defrost not working. Back in the day, everybody had to periodically remove the contents of their freezer, add a pan of hot water and manually defrost their freezer or freezer section of their refrigerator. Today we're blessed with frost free, when it works. If you find yourself going back to the "good ole days" of manual defrosting it doesn't mean that you've lost a convenience, but that you've got problems. Call for service and get to the root of the problem. Manual defrosting will keep you going for a while, but your freezer is no longer designed to freeze over. By the time you see frost or ice on the inside of your freezer, the entire coil system behind the scenes are frozen over. This build up of ice can break parts and crack the plastic walls of your appliance.

Water leaking inside the frig or even on the floor is coming from either your water supply via a leaking line in or on the appliance or a clogged drain that is allowing defrosted ice (ok, water) to run into your appliance instead of to the drain pan. Call for service to not only get the clog fixed but to find the cause of the clog. Nothing but water should be able to get to the drain tub. If the tub is freezing over, you have other problems.

No water or ice is an inconvenience but not a threat to the rest of the appliance. Some folks assume that the lack of ice means their icemaker is out and just buy ice trays to solve the problem, not knowing that the icemaker may be fine. The problem could be as simple as a $5 cog that wears out in many icemakers. If there is no water present either, and you have a good water supply to the frig, you probably have an inlet valve that isn't functioning properly..

Unusual noises are often the result of evaporator or condenser fans on their way out of service. These are usually clicking or squealing sounds. Sometimes these fans go out quietly. Metallic pings or taps can be compressor problems. For the most part refrigerators are a quite appliance with only the hum of a fan motor and the routine dropping of ice from the icemaker if so equipped. Anything more should be checked out. A part that is about to go out can mean more problems if left alone.


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